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Find out How To Get Powdermelon in Stardew Valley in this excellent and explanatory guide with details.

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update added a lot of content for farmers, including seasonal crops like melons. It is a unique melon that blooms in freezing winters and gets its name from the dusty layer on its surface. This beautiful green melon is sweet, fresh and a great source of energy and income during the winter. Unfortunately, melon seed powder cannot be purchased at any stores in Pelican Town. If you want to keep your fields productive during the colder months, here's how you can grow powdered melons on your farm, let's see.

How To Get Powdermelon in Stardew Valley?

The most reliable way to get crushed melon seeds is to buy them from the Raccoon family near the giant tree to the left of Marnie's farm. To fulfill the panda's first request, his wife opened a store where items could be exchanged. You can get a packet of melon seeds in exchange for 2 pineapples. Pine cones are obtained by shaking or cutting pine trees. You can sometimes receive powdered melon seeds as a reward for completing a series of requests from the raccoons.

Alternative methods

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If you haven't unlocked the Giant Stump area yet, you can try to find melon seeds as follows:

  • Use a hoe to dig the planting sites.
  • the mystery box or the golden mystery box.
  • Capture the golden treasure chest (7% chance).
  • Destroy boxes and barrels in the Mine or Skull Cave (2% chance).
  • Defeat the Iridium Golems (50% chance).
  • Process the melon powder until you get the seeds.
  • From the mayor's mansion bonus machine.

Apart from using Seed Maker, these methods can only produce powdered melon seeds between the 21st of autumn and the 20th of winter.

How to grow powdered melon

After harvesting melon seeds, you can plant them on your farm in winter and wait seven days for them to mature into melons. If collecting seeds and growing powdered melons on your farm is too difficult for you, you can purchase them for 2,500 gold each year during the Winter Star Festival. However, the probability of this happening is only 25%.

We hope that the information presented here regarding obtaining melon powder has been very useful for your fun and progress in a game as busy as this one.

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