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We've made a guide to explain to you How to Paint and Move the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley, let's take a look.

Stardew Valley, the captivating life simulator developed by ConcernedApe, offers players an immersive farming experience where they can grow crops, raise animals, fish, explore, and build their own rural paradise. As players progress, they can further customize their experience by decorating their farm and upgrading their structures. This technical guide aims to provide a detailed analysis of the painting and farm relocation mechanics introduced in updates 1.5 and 1.6, respectively.

How to Paint and Move the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley?

Accessing the Painting Feature

The painting functionality was introduced in update 1.6 and is available by visiting Robin's Carpentry during its regular business hours (9am - 5pm, Monday - Wednesday and Saturday; closed Thursday and Friday). Interact with Robin and select the "Build Farm Buildings" option. Then choose "Paintbrush" from the pop-up menu.

Selecting Structures and Color Customization

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The player can now select any building on their farm for color customization. A paint menu will allow the player to choose between painting the entire building or just specific sections. A vibrant color palette offers a variety of options to suit individual aesthetic tastes.

Saving Color Schemes and Efficiency

The saving color scheme feature allows players to store customized palettes for later use on different buildings, saving time and effort. This feature is especially useful for those looking to create a cohesive aesthetic across their farm.


Unlike other building and upgrading activities in Stardew Valley, the painting process does not incur any material costs or in-game currency.

Strategic Relocation: Rearranging Your Farm for Greater Functionality

Pre-Relocation Considerations

Before relocating your farm, it is crucial to ensure that the new site is free of obstructions such as trees, vegetation, or existing structures. The Axe tool can be used to remove any obstacles that would impede placement.

Accessing the Relocation Feature

Just like painting, relocating your farm requires a visit to Robin's Carpentry during its open hours. After interacting with Robin, select "Build Farm Buildings" and then "Move Buildings."

Selecting the New Location and Placement

The player is now free to choose any point within the playable area as the new location for their farm. Once the desired spot is selected, the farm will be instantly relocated.

Economics and Time Aspects

Just like painting, relocating your farm has no associated cost and is done immediately, requiring no in-game wait time.

That's all you need to know about painting and moving your farm in Stardew Valley, you can now customize your experience by decorating your farm.

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