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This time we return with an explanatory guide with the objective of explaining How To Get The Workbench in Stardew Valley.

There is a lot of agriculture, but also crafts. From the sprinklers you need to automate the irrigation of your crops to the jars that produce the profitable wine you sell. Even decorative elements such as fences and paths. To obtain these items (reliably), you must craft them all by hand. And this means that you have to constantly fill your pockets with wood, stone, coal and many other raw materials. But there is an easier way. One that gives you free slots in your inventory where you can store all the useful things you create. And with the help of a workbench, for more details the following content, let's see.

What is workbench?

A crafting table is an item that allows you to craft items by obtaining resources from nearby chests. To use it, you'll fill chests with the resources you want to use for crafting, such as wood, stone, and any other items you obtain through mining, foraging, and combat. The workbench is enough to create materials on any of the 8 adjacent tiles, including the diagonal tiles. Once you have filled your chest with all the crafting materials you want to use or have collected while traveling through the Valley, you will click on the crafting table. The crafting menu will appear and all the items you can create will have bright colors. This eliminates the need to open a menu and go to the Create tab. However, they look identical whether you open the Crafting window through the player menu or through the workbench. And they work exactly the same.

How To Get The Workbench in Stardew Valley?

The desk is for sale at Robin's Lumber Shop on the Mountain. It can be purchased at any time while Robin operates the cash register. The purchase cost is 2000g, you can buy more than one. There are no prerequisites you need to meet before you can get a desk.

When should I buy a desk?

Having a workbench makes the production process very simple. Searching through boxes for all the materials you need, building something, and then rearranging the resources into the appropriate boxes can take some time and result in some resources being lost or simply lost.

But it's not just about comfort. Depending on your play style, you can arrange the boxes neatly or throw everything into the nearest box and hope to find what you need later. Either way, your box will start to fill up and then moving things to your work area will be more difficult. To help with organization, you can change the color of the containers to show what's inside. You can also make a mark and place or write on some of the documents you have in this box.

Buy Workbench early, at least during your senior year, if not in the spring or summer of your senior year. Not only will this help you with crafting, but it will also help you stay organized and create a space to work because no matter how you play, you will know that your ingredients should be in the box next to your workshop. This is also an easy way to see what resources you need to collect next. If you want to build a bee house, you'll quickly discover that you have enough wood, charcoal, and maple syrup, but not enough iron bars. Then you know you should spend the day in Las Minas collecting iron ore or smelting the ore you have into iron ingots.

How to make the most of your desktop?

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As mentioned above, you must first determine where you want to place your desk and then surround it with boxes. To do this, you can use containers:

  • Breast: 36 size and 50 firewood
  • stone chest: 36 size and 50 stones
  • large breasts: 70 size and 120 wood 2 copper ingots
  • large stone chest: 70 size and 250 stones

Junimo boxes do not work with desktop computers. In the first part of the game, it is not necessary to use large chests or large stone chests. Not only will you burn through wood and stone quickly, but it will also take time to gather enough resources to completely fill a standard-sized chest and a stone chest. Regardless of which chest you decide to use above, you will place seven chests around your workshop. Next, how you organize the items in the box depends on your personal organizational preferences. If you're not sure how to organize or categorize certain items, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • The materials are grouped according to how they were collected: One box is for animal food products, the other is for mining products, etc.
  • Color Code: Black chests contain black and gray items, such as stone and coal.
  • In alphabetical order: The battery, then the bone fragments, and so on.

If you choose to throw things into boxes, or if you have multiple stacks of the same item in different boxes, the crafting table will follow a certain order when determining which materials to use:

  • From the south
  • Southeast
  • West
  • In the East
  • northwest
  • To the north
  • Northeast

Why is it worth having more than one job?

When you're just starting out, all you need is a desk. However, as you progress through the game, you begin to explore other areas. It may be useful to have more than one workstation. One option is to have a workbench in the desert with boxes full of resources for ladders and bombs, as well as everything you need to prepare sandwiches and steaks. After all, this is not necessary, you can craft or cook them on your farm and take them to the Skull Cave. However, if you forget to bring them, you can prepare them without having to rush home. If you don't want to designate a separate space for the desert workshop, you can place a chest near the entrance to the Skull Cave filled with bombs, ladders, food, and any other items you want for the desert merchant.

Another useful option is to have one on Ginger Island. Once you are able to spend the night on Ginger Island, you will likely stay at this additional farm longer than the original farm. This way, setting up another workspace will allow you to create everything you need without browsing or toggling. The basics of deciding whether you want to use multiple workbenches or not depend on where and when you need to create items. However, remember that unless you have additional resources, you should only have one conveniently located workbench for all or most of your crafting needs.

So we come to the end of our explanatory guide, now you know what you need to get the workbench, just do it and get the most out of such a vital element of the game.

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