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With our help you will see that knowing How to catch a Woodskip in Stardew Valley is easier than you thought.

There are many fish to catch. One of these fish, the Woodskip, is required to complete a special set of fish in the Community Center. The problem is that it's only in a very specific place that you can't get to unless you use a simple trick. In addition to the Community Hub suite, Woodskips has other applications, but I will write about them later. Now, let's take a look at where to find Woodskip and how to get there if you want to catch him.

How to catch a Woodskip in Stardew Valley?

To catch Woodskip, you will need to enter the Mysterious Forest, located northeast of Cindersap Forest. Unfortunately, the Secret Forest will not be available at the start of the match and is unlocked after upgrading the ax to the steel version twice. Fortunately, if you want to get Woodskip without the update, you have the option to do so. You can walk around the trunk using a chair.

Place a chair on the opposite side of the log. Sit on the chair and return to the Mysterious Forest. When you want to return, move the chair next to the trunk of the Sindersap Forest tree and sit down again. Once you have entered the Mysterious Forest, turn left and find a small pond. This is the only place you can catch Woodskip, unless you are playing Forest Farm, where you have a maximum of 17.5% chance of catching him. It can be fished at any time of the year and in any weather, although it is more common on non-rainy days. You can purchase Woodskip at any time from the travel cart for between 225 and 1000 gold, but this is not guaranteed.

How to use Woodskip in Stardew Valley?

If you fish for skipjack tuna and don't need it specifically for fish farming, there are still a few things you can do with it. The only thing you can't do with Woodskip is give it to the villagers. At best, some people are pretty neutral about it, but the rest of the town doesn't like or even hate Woodskip.

Recipes in which you can use Woodskip.

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Woodskip can be used in the following recipes:

  • Maki Roll: 1 fish of your choice, 1 seaweed, King Rice 1 year (21 years, 1 year) OR Hall of Stars for 100 gold.
  • High quality fertilizer: 4 juices, 1 any level of fish farming 9
  • Sashimi: 1 of any fish from Linus's card after getting 3 hearts.

Make fishing t-shirts

Woodskip can be used on sewing machine spools to make fishing shirts. It can also be used in the paint cans at Emily and Haley's house to make orange paint.

Get more forest jumpers in the fish pond.

If you put Woodskip in a fish pond, it will spawn every other day. They can drop the following items in addition to eggs:

  • Wood
  • maple tree
  • acorns
  • maple seeds
  • Pussy

This is all there is to know about catching a Woodskip, we just have to follow the instructions to continue progressing while having fun in this incredible adventure in such a fast-paced game.

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