Angel Marquez
2021-01-05 08:59:23

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To make gold in orboreal fragments it is possible to locate the sellers at:

  • Ardenweald: to get to this place we must use the coordinates 49.1 / 53.2 because we got ourselves an offer in relation to the wild game, this happens after having met with Jann’lor because we managed to form a good team.
  • Bastion: it is necessary to look for the bird vendor named Zotimos, and it has some ascended allies, this is usually located within the Hero's Rest which is located at coordinates 52.3 / 46.5.
  • Pixies: On some occasions, reputation can be important, but in this particular case it may be something that we do not need to worry about when we play a goblin, the ideal is to resort to buying fragments from Jann'lor or Zotimos because only the physical allows us to achieve a 20 percent discount on the acquisition.

Now that you know how to make gold in orboreal fragments do it and in this way get the necessary benefit in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.