Angel Marquez
2020-10-02 07:53:59

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How to customize your ship in Star Wars Squadrons?

 It is necessary that we press R2 prior to the start of a mission, in this way we will arrive at a selection screen of the ship by pressing the square, this happens when we load in single player mode, here it is possible that we do the customization of our load, adjustments of the components of our ship, among which we have weapons, auxiliaries, shields and engines, now when making changes to our ship we will have a variation in the statistics as a result, if we seek to be faster we only have to remove a piece or to be able to last longer, which will lead us to many forms of play and variations for our performance when handling the ship, the adjustments that we can make will become the chords at our discretion, after that we only return to the hangar and we will be ready to continue the mission.

 Although we are not in individual mode, it is still possible to do the customization from the main menu, just press L2 and we will make the changes of factions and choice of our ship so that we can make the corresponding customizations in the hangar, considering the availability of the types of ships for the faction, being this simpler and faster, the aspects of the ship can be customized here, being in most cosmetic options that we will get to unlock as we progress through the story.

 We can conclude that knowing how to customize your ship is easier than thought, considering the steps to follow presented in this Star Wars Squadrons guide.