Angel Marquez
2020-09-16 08:38:25

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The action in Spelunky 2 does not stop so we are going to explain how to open treasure chests.

What to know about the treasure chests in Spelunky 2?

When we progress on the moon we will find some chests, which will give us access to some treasures, which can be useful for our purposes in the game, in the different levels we can find them and in the stores too, there are some chests that we will not be able to open and that to do so in the case of the normal ones is with our whip or some projectile, but there are some different chests that in the normal way that we mentioned we will not be able to open them, the treasure chests to be more precise, In the game before these they were called the large chests, here they will have a change in appearance and we find them in the subsections of the main stage, they have a blue color and a gold trim, taking into account these details we will only know how to open chests treasure and this is where this guide comes into its role of explanation and the answers follow.

How to open treasure chests in Spelunky 2?

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To open this class of chests it is necessary that we have a golden key, which we must find somewhere on the stage, taking into account the randomness of the levels it is necessary that we carry out the appropriate exploration to solve How to open treasure chests, this key is we are going to find it in a corner, in the store with even through an NPC, we have to review the entire level and when we have it we are going to return to use it in the chest, here we find the Eye of Udjat, which is an object that we already saw in the previous game, we may already know what it is about, now when we have it in this edition of Spelunky 2, we will have a more adequate visual of the stages to come, giving us access to the jewels and hidden objects in Each place, we will notice this fact the moment we leave the cave when we notice many jewels that are inside the earth, which will lead us to seek to remove them by throwing bombs with the purpose of getting something nec is Aryan.

In the first game of Spelunky 2 this object had another use, which means that it is also possible here, it is the fact that when we are in the jungle scenarios we will notice on our screen some flickers and sounds when we are near the black market , which makes us see it as a warning sign, being necessary that when we are in this place we are attentive to the object.

Knowing how to open treasure chests is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Spelunky 2.