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2020-09-24 08:24:26

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Guide to learn how to find the blue switch in Super Mario 64

 With the new implementation of the most popular Mario classics to the Nintendo Switch, it's time to help you remember the old days by playing this Super Mario 64 wonder. This time we will focus on teaching you How to find the blue switch so that you can advance in the game.

How to find the blue switch in Super Mario 64?

To find the Blue Switch is to head to the castle's basement after defeating Bowser in the Dark World. Standing in the main basement chamber, players must look towards the door that leads to Hazy Maze Cave where players find the Green Switch, but that's not the destination here. If players turn 180 degrees to the right and follow that path, there will be a wooden door that leads to two submerged platforms that can be hit.

Down the drain

Hitting those platforms drains the moat around the castle, exposing a hole that players can drop. It's a secret stage, but unlike the one where players unlock the Wing Cap, this challenge is all about platforming. There are eight red coins to collect, four on the slide and four scattered through an obstacle course. After that, players will find the star trapped in a cage.
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Vanish Cap Unlock

The goal of this stage is to find the blue "!" It changes in the end. If players have reached it, all they have to do is press it to unlock Blue Blocks. These provide access to the Vanish Cap, which makes Mario temporarily invisible and allows him to jump through certain walls, including the fencing cage (we have an article talking about this). The only detail is that players will have to get through it quickly, because the Vanish Cap boost does not last long.

Vanish Cap blocks remain unlocked throughout the castle. There aren't many, but there are enough to experiment on new levels.

In other game news there were rumors that his brother Luigi was possibly added to the adventure, but despite long-standing rumors, the green brother will not appear in this version of the adventure.

 Now that you know how to find the blue switch in Super Mario 64 you can advance in the game to get the invisibility cloak and have advantages in the game. Luck!

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