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We welcome you to our Loop Hero guide where we will talk about tile combinations.

What to know about tile combinations in Loop Hero?

 In order to stay alive in the loop we have the possibility of using an interesting resource such as the combination of mosaics, this comes from the dead enemies that will drop some mosaics, which allows us to learn these combinations and these can be used inside and out of the loop, thereby achieving some special effects to get bonuses or even enemies to face, we just have to know what combinations of mosaics are and that is what will be explained in the following content, so let's continue.

What are the tile combinations in Loop Hero?

 It is important to take into account each of the mosaic combinations and for this we will see the details of each one below:

  •  Hungry grove: with this combination we have to place a grove of blood with a grove and the latter we destroy it with one of oblivion, we get a hungry grove, with which a hero can be hit on some occasions, thus having the Ability to devour any enemy that has 20 percent HP, even at Loop Hero by putting two blood groves together to create a hungry grove.
  • Training village: this will be created by putting a forest or scrub near a village.
  • Vampire Mansion Grove: the combinations of mosaics for this it is possible to spawn Blood Golem enemies, this by placing the grove next to a vampire mansion.
  • Burned forest: to achieve this we have to put a storm temple near a forest or thicket, achieving the effect of extra magic damage.
  • Bloody path: as for the combinations of mosaics, it is specifically allowing to spawn enemies from blood clots, despite how weak the enemies are they can serve as a source of additional loot when killing them, this combination is possible by putting 2 battlefields close to each other, thereby making their blue areas overlap.
  • Goblin Camp: It is done by placing 10 Rock or Mountain cards.

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    • Farmland: this combination allows you to spawn scarecrow and red grass enemies, to do it you have to put a village card next to one of wheat fields and the village card you have to destroy it with the oblivion card, then created in this way in Loop Hero .
    • Rods: this combination allows you to spawn fishing enemies this by putting a road near a river.
    • Cities: 5 suburbs need to be placed in a cross shape for this creation.
    • Sand dunes: with this combination you can improve the effects, you just have to put the sand dune mosaics next to the rivers.
    • Shipwreck: with this you can spawn enemies, siren and also chests, you just have to put a battlefield near a river.
    • Swamp vampire mansion: with this combination in Loop Hero the result is that the vampire who comes to be in the swamp square will not be able to heal through vampirism, something that applies even to us.
    • Peak of the mountain: when forming this combination we have to receive the hero 120 HP and in turn the generation of harpies every 2 days, it is possible to raves of the rock or mountain mosaics in a 3x3 grid for this result.
    • Goblin Lookout Post: This will be created by placing a swamp near a Goblin Lookout, allowing a Goblin Archer to be added to the tile.
    • Flowering meadows: with the combinations of mosaics we have that the effect that it will cause is the 3 HP cure for the players, this is achieved by putting the standard card meadows next to rocks, mountains or a treasure.
    • Treasure: you can obtain with this a significant amount of resources to increase the loop, having to surround a treasure with cards such as rocks, mountains or meadows.
    • Lands of the count: we achieve a restoration of HP more than a normal village if we put a village near a vampiric mansion card, after spending 3 turns the land of the count appears as a looted village, we must be careful to use this combination, because there will also be a special monster to kill and this one is tricky.

     We hope that this detailed information on tile combinations has been very useful for your progress and fun in Loop Hero.

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