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The action in Apex Legends does not stop, so we are here to guide you on how to complete lifeline.

What to know about lifeline in Apex Legends?

 He is one of the characters that we will find in the game, achieving with this certain impulse in those situations of pressure for a team, thus managing to get out of situations that become an obstacle, now reviving our team must be in the instant of neglect of the opponents, so that we return them to combat again, if we seek to know how to complete lifeline, we just have to continue with reading the following content, let's see.

How to complete lifeline in Apex Legends?

 It is important to use life line correctly, always being the objective that our team will remain in the fight, therefore to understand how to complete life line will go through the fact of seeing everything that is related to it at Apex Legends, starting with what goes on.

 The skills: the use of this legend can be ideal due to the advantages it brings, being small allows it to be easy to avoid the shots, only that we must compensate for the small impact boxes, it is good that we can have an increase of 5 percent with the low profile nerf.

The healing drone: it is something interesting that allows everyone to heal who is nearby at 7.5 HP per second, achieving a distribution of 150 HP each time it is used, this will apply to the entire team, you also have to Keep in mind that understanding How to complete the lifeline will happen here offensively, managing to launch the drone with speed behind a rock to chase the enemies when shooting at it and thus prevent them from approaching, the lifeline is more effective in the high levels, able to heal and defend during the offensive in Apex Legends.

Revive in combat: while the resuscitation is being presented we have to activate an invisible shield with the lifeline drone at that moment, seeing that there may be an option that leads to the use of the drone to revive a partner and continue, then keeping opponents away is necessary, helping us to revive other companions who are in another place, in itself we are talking about how to complete the lifeline goes through the fact of highlighting skills like this, it is important that when we are reviving we have to wait To complete one to move on to the other, it can certainly be a very complicated skill in Apex Legends, so lean on our companions and be ready for resuscitation to occur, we must also lend our support so that when they revive they heal, at the To use the Gibraltar we are before the tandem with Gibraltar which is of great power.
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    Care package: once we manage to solve How to complete lifeline we can invoke a care package that allows our team to receive a loot as a gift, certainly there are no gold objects or moorings, only purple shields are presented, ammunition, knockdown shields and weapon accessories, in Apex Legends this ability does not turn out to be as powerful as always, but it is remarkable, more with the use of accelerators to get the call of attention packages in quantities for our team, while we are willing to supply the location where we are to nearby teams.

    Weapons: for the use of the lifeline in Apex Legends, assault rifles and SMGs stand out, because in close combat we keep our team healing, we have to use the SMG to destroy the HP of our enemies so that we do not may be relevant when approaching, it must be taken into account of the rifles that the 30-30 Repeater and the G7 Scout are the ones that stand out the most and using an SMG as a secondary would be very appropriate, considering the range that we would achieve and adding the significant damage of great power, which allows us to have an advantage by keeping our distance during confrontations or even lean on a friendly sniper to finish the damage from a distance, once we know how to complete the lifeline and get the most out of it.

    Strategies: one of the things that can provide us once we achieve how to complete the lifeline is the revival recovery shield, which allows us and our friend to be protected during the development of the combat, achieving in turn to be able to counterattack and win enemies, then there is the drone, with which we can revive our fallen friend, this being a priority, a golden backpack is important to achieve it, this allows that when reviving they do so with 50 percent of HP and active shields, being timely while we seek to heal completely, something that ends up overwhelming our enemies if we apply this strategy multiple times in Apex Legends, but if the enemy has the experience of insurance will go against the lifeline first, it is important that with the care package we are creative, although it does not offer offensive objects as such, but its usefulness as cover we can take advantage of it, more if we are in closed and that by calling it we can get out of a compromising situation

     It is evident that knowing how to complete the lifeline allows us to have better performance and fun at the same time in Apex Legends.

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