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We invite you to discover How to fix error code WS-116522-7, a necessary task to play on our PS5.

What to know about error code WS-116522-7 in PS5?

This error consists of the fact that the recent software update is not recognized by our console, once we have downloaded it, this failure occurs in the update, so to know how to fix error code WS-116522-7 we can consider the following details.


How to fix error code WS-116522-7 in PS5?

To have a specific solution, there are many options that can help us see How to fix error code WS-116522-7 and these will have to be applied to our PS5, these being the following:
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    • Restart in safe mode: doing this does not affect our personal data and for this we must turn off the console with the power button on the front, keep it pressed until we get a second beep, which It will start up in safe mode, then it is necessary to connect the controller to the console and press the PS5 to link it now we make the choice to restart in safe mode solving the problem.
    • The speed of the Wi-Fi: this error can occur when our router is very far from the console, then we can try to bring them closer to each other so that the signal increases its intensity to stabilize the internet connection, if it does not help we can choose to buy a router that has greater amplification of the Wi-Fi signal or use the network cable.
    • Turning our router on and off: at this point what we will do is turn off the router completely, even remove it from the power, leave it like that for 5 to 10 minutes to reconnect it, then it only remains to see if the error is still there or not, it is important to remember to restart all the devices in question.
    • The latest software via USB: it is considered the most appropriate solution of all, because many of us have helped them, so what we will do is put a USB on our PC, we create a folder with the name of PS5 in its path, Inside this folder we create another folder that says update, we download the update from the official website and save it in the update folder, now we connect the USB in the console, we turn it on and with the control we will go to the configuration where it says update of the system software, if we did everything correctly with the USB it will be recognized, and we must continue the process until it is completed.
    • Update through a game: the only thing we can do in terms of How to fix error code WS-116522-7 is finally to have the update that some games bring to have the most recent version of the software for our console, in the On the screen, the notification of its existence is presented, and we only follow the steps indicated.
    We hope that the information presented here on How to fix error code WS-116522-7 will be very useful for your return to normality in PS5.

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