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This time we return with a PS5 guide, aiming to explain how to Fix Error E2-817B122B.

What to know about error E2-817B122B in PS5?

This occurs when we seek to join a multiplayer online game, or when we enter the PlayStation network, it may be that the PS5N servers are under maintenance, so we must check it, after that it is appropriate to consider How to Fix Error E2-817B122B and the following content presents the necessary details, let's see.

How to Fix Error E2-817B122B in PS5?

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    • We will have several possible options to address How to repair the E2-817B122B error, which we must apply so that our PS5 returns to normal, these being the following:
    •  Turn off the console: you have to completely remove the power to the console, and it will again make the adjustments that are needed when starting, so for this we have to hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds so that it completely turns off, behind From the console we remove the power cable, then we press the power button several times until it has no power, this clears the cache of the PS5 completely, now we only have to wait about 5 minutes to connect again and see if it is still or not the bug.
    • Turn the router off and on: what we will do is unplug it for about 5 to 10 minutes, we connect it again to see if we have solved How to Fix Error E2-817B122B, taking into consideration the restart of the devices that are affected by this.
    • Change the DNS: there may be some servers with problems, then it is necessary to make a change in the DNS configuration, for this we enter configuration, network and configuration, then configure the internet connection and choose the network we use, the next thing is to enter the advanced configuration to manually configure the DNS, here we put in primary and in secondary so that Google's DNS is entered, we give it to accept so that the changes are saved, we restart the console and check.
    • Update the software automatically: our console must have a stable internet to be able to carry out this solution, then we go to configuration, we enter the system, update and configure the system software, the next thing is that we configure the updates so that these get to be downloaded and installed automatically, then we choose the option to update, and the process will be automatic.
    Knowing how to Fix Error E2-817B122B is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have fun again with our PS5.

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