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Find out about How to fix error CE-106667-6 in this excellent and explanatory PS5 guide.

What to know about error CE-106667-6 in PS5?

This error occurs when we try to download a game, which occurs due to failures that are found in a bad internet connection and that the software may be outdated, now to know how to repair the error CE-106667-6 let's see the following content.

How to fix error CE-106667-6 in PS5?

To solve How to repair the error CE-106667-6 we have to consider some solutions to apply in our PS5 and these are the following:
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    • Restart in safe mode: the first thing we will do is turn off our console by pressing the front button, then we leave it pressed to access the safe mode until a second beep appears, now we connect our control to the console and press the PS5 to link , then we choose the safe mode option to restart the console and then we test if the error is solved.
    • Update the firmware: certainly this update can be automatic but it is appropriate to check if our console is up to date, for this we see that we have internet to go to the settings and search for the system, we look for where it says software update, then the process will start check.
    • The speed of Wi-Fi: in this case we have that it is possible that we do not have a stable internet connection, it may be due to the distance between our console and the router, so bringing it closer can allow the signal to improve and stabilize the connection , but we can also choose to buy a router with higher capacities that allow us to solve this problem.
    • The technical service: we can apply this option when we have exhausted almost all the possibilities, because the problem may be in our console and the technical support is capable of solving this kind of inconvenience.

     I hope the above solutions have solved your problem and if you have any questions please let us know in the comment section.

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