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PS5 offers us various functionalities and this makes it convenient to tell you how to delete user profiles.

What does it mean to delete user profiles in PS5?

User profiles are simply a functionality that we have, however, sometimes we can create several accounts and this makes it possible to reload, sometimes it is necessary to eliminate them, since it can accumulate too much information that may not be favorable to us, and it is here where it is well worth eliminating.

How to delete user profiles in PS5?

  This is a simple enough action for which it is necessary:
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    • Select the gear icon that is located at the top right of the console's home screen.
    • Then we select User and Accounts, locating Users at the bottom.
    • Next we must select the trash icon that is next to the user profile that we are interested in deleting.
    • We must click OK so that it can be removed.


    Note: in case the account selected to delete is the main one, our console will restart.

    In case of wanting to permanently delete the account, it is necessary to:

    •  Go to the official PlayStation support website.
    • Then it is necessary to scroll down.
    • Then we must click on Account and security.
    • Next we click on Change ID online and some other questions that may be related to our account.
    • Then we click on Live Chat and that is where we explain the reason why we want to delete the account.
    • There they will ask us for the email in addition to our online ID, it will only be enough to wait awhile while it is permanently deleted.


    Now that you know how to delete user profiles, it is time to carry out this process in case you want to delete accounts in PS5.

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