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PS4 has been a console that has definitely made us fly but it has bugs and that is why it is important to know how to repair error code CE-34335-8

What is error CE-34335-8 in PS4?

  This is a problem with which we get in this console, although it is true nothing can be perfect, rather nothing usually is, we always wish it to be so or at least we do not have to be dealing with many problems with this error specifically, it usually occurs when our console is not able to detect the hard drive or it is very difficult to do so.
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    How to fix error code CE-34335-8 in PS4?

      This solution can be seen in the PlayStation Store section, for this it is necessary:


    •   Turn off our PS4, as this implies removing the power cables.
    • Then we will remove the top cover.
    • Next, we proceed to take a look at the hard drive to verify that it is properly installed, which leads us to remove it and reinsert it, connect it and close the console.
    • We proceed to turn on our console and check that it is okay, if the failure is still persistent, it is highly likely that it has some defects which makes us have to contact a service.

      This is basically everything we know about How to fix error code CE-34335-8, because it is only a matter of following the instructions presented here, because with this we can continue to enjoy the PS4 and everything it brings to us.

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