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2020-09-09 12:35:46

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Today we come to talk to you about How to fix the error code SU-30746-0, a problem that affects us in PS4, let's see.

What is error code SU-30746-0 in PS4?

  This is a failure that is presented to us and does not allow us to process the latest firmware update of the console, this is affecting a considerable number of users of the PS4, it is a problem that has been increasing and this does not allow us to enjoy it as much as should be possible.
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How to fix error code SU-30746-0 in PS4?

  The first thing we need to do is find the file for updating the system software, but in case of not finding it, it is necessary:


  •   Turn off the PS4
  • Once it is off, it is necessary to press the power button and keep it pressed until you hear two beeps, this makes it start in safe mode.
  • Then you need to connect your DS4 controller and for this you only need to use the USB cable.
  • Next we press the PS4 button.
  • We proceed to select option number 3 corresponding to Update the system software.
  • Then Update via the Internet and you're done.

  In general terms, knowing how to fix the error code SU-30746-0 is quite easy, try it yourself, however if you know any other option to run it in PS4, you can share it.

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