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We continue talking about PS4 and the disadvantages, therefore, it is necessary to explain to you How to repair the error code SU-30625-6

What is error code SU-30625-6 in PS4?

  This is a console that, although it is true, has presented us with many new features and is becoming more and more attractive, it also has some bugs that can make our heads hurt, specifically the SU-30625-6 error is one of them and that usually occurs when our console does not have the latest Firmware update.
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    How to fix error code SU-30625-6 in PS4?

      There is only one solution to this problem or at least to date, however, it is not possible to rule out possible answers in the future, to achieve it it is necessary:


    •   Completely turn off our PS4.
    • Once it is off, it is necessary to wait a moment and turn it on again in safe mode, this is done by pressing the power button and holding it until a second beep is achieved.
    • Finally, we proceed to select the Failsafe Mode 3 / Update online option and that's it, we solve this error.

      This is simply all you need to know about How to fix the error code SU-30625-6 to be able to play with all the necessary peace of mind in our PS4, because the idea is to give it the use for which it has been designed, we hope you can You also solve this fault from our solution.

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