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Phasmophobia: How to Get Ghost Writing book

2020-10-28 09:43:14

Knowing how to get a ghostwriting book is an interesting task that we can achieve in Phasmophobia, here are the details.

What is the ghostwriting book in Phasmophobia?

  This is simply the diary of the ghosts and it is simply a strong enough test that we undergo, because we are immersed in a world of ghosts where making them angry is an easy task, in addition to having some necessary tests since it is It is vital to know exactly which ghost we are fighting with, because the tests here are not long in coming.
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    How to get a ghost ghost writing book in Phasmophobia?

    Our first task is to get into the room of a ghost, because in reality this is not a complex task, however it is necessary to have the thermometer or the EMF reader, to read the newspaper we only need to press F while in the ghost's room , And proceed to place it either on the floor or simply on a table since this will allow the ghost to see it, approach and interact with it, not necessarily the lights should be off, which represents an advantage for us, since we can stand close, and wait as this interaction of the diary and the ghost can sometimes last for some time.

    If you are one of those who does not have the gift of patience, it is necessary to choose to ask the ghost to write something in the diary since this could speed things up, of course considering that we have selected the ghost's room or that this option is simply available for the same.

     In this sense, knowing How to get a ghostwriting book is one of the simplest tasks we can do in Phasmophobia, try it.

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