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2020-10-28 09:35:52

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Ghostrunner has come to occupy us some time and this gives us the opportunity to tell you How to block bullets

What mechanics can we apply in Ghostrunner?

This is a game that keeps us in constant motion, where the enemies are lurking to make our lives somewhat complicated, however we can take some strategies to get out of favor, in such a way that they cannot touch us as this would end everything what we have achieved.


  In Ghostrunner it is possible:

  • Perform quick movement.
  • Execute all the skills we can count on.
  • Running up the walls.
  • Avoid being hit.
  • Slide.
  • Dodge bullets.
  • Block bullets.

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How to block bullets in Ghoastrunner?

This is a characteristic that needs to be applied at the precise moment since this avoids our possible elimination, in such a way that to execute it alone it is necessary to press the Attack button when the enemy shoots since with this we can block, and to see that they have executed a shot, it is necessary to pay attention to the flash since it allows us to observe a line that appears, as soon as this is visible we choose to press the Attack button.

This is an action that requires having some practice but in reality it does not have much difficulty, only that once we are properly prepared this will be simple, so that we will only take care of exercising a little and practicing as much as possible so that finally the day this touches us, it will be easy.

 Now that you know how to block bullets, it's time to fight with all your might in Ghostrunners, because there will be no way that the enemies can easily knock us down.

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