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In this guide entry, we will explain everything about How to complete the Tag! You're it! challenge in Phasmophobia.

The "You're it!" challenge in Phasmophobia presents a formidable task for experienced ghost hunters, demanding accurate identification of the type of ghost at Brownstone High School for three consecutive contracts. Completing this challenge awards a substantial cash prize of $5,000 and a significant amount of experience, making it an attractive venture for those looking to test their skills.

How to complete the Tag! You're it! challenge in Phasmophobia?

This challenge features several unique factors that set it apart from standard ghost investigations, including:

  • Location: Brownstone High School, a large and complex map, increases the difficulty of navigation and evidence gathering.
  • Starting Sanity: Starting with zero percent sanity forces players to adopt aggressive sanity management strategies from the start.
  • Player Speed: Increased player speed provides a crucial advantage to evading the ghost during hunts.
  • Ghost Behavior: The ghost's normal speed and constant hunting creates constant pressure on players.
  • Equipment Availability: Access to all equipment, including Tier I equipment, allows for a variety of investigative strategies.
  • Sanity Medication Uselessness: The ineffectiveness of sanity medication increases the reliance on alternative methods to maintain sanity.
  • Initial Information: The lit truck screens and visible fuse box location provide crucial information early on.

Strategies Optimized for Success

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To successfully overcome this challenge, the following strategies are recommended:

  • Prioritize Efficiency: Maximizing evidence collection per minute is crucial to completing contracts in a timely manner.
  • Effective Communication: Coordination between players is essential to sharing information, assigning tasks, and avoiding mistakes.
  • Strategic Utilization of the Environment: The vast space of Brownstone High School can be used to the players' advantage, creating distance and hindering the ghost.
  • Meticulous Evidence Analysis: Careful evaluation of collected evidence, including hunting patterns, ghostly events, and paranormal activity, is vital to accurate ghost identification.
  • Adapting to Different Ghost Types: Knowledge of the unique characteristics and behaviors of each ghost type is crucial to differentiating them.
  • Proactive Sanity Management: Utilizing items such as crucifixes, incense, and lighters is essential to maintaining sanity during hunts.
  • Considering the Possibility of Deogen: If Deogen is suspected, avoidance and guessing the type of ghost may be the best strategy due to its challenging nature.

As such, the “You Are It!” challenge in Phasmophobia offers a rewarding yet challenging experience for dedicated ghost hunters.

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