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In this article we have prepared everything you need to know if you are wondering how to fix stuck on 90% loading screen in Phasmophobia problem.

What is the loading screen blocking problem in Phasmophobia about?

On how to fix stuck on 90% loading screen issue, first you have to know that this is a stuck error that players have started to encounter while trying to access the game, at which point they get stuck on the loading screen. 90 percent load, although the screen starts normally with the load percentage sliding up to 90 percent, which stops, you will still be able to listen to the game music but nothing else happens.

Keep in mind that the game was barely released in an early access version, so it is normal for this and other errors to appear before the game is fully released. Fortunately, today we are going to tell you how to fix stuck on 90% loading screen issue at Phasmophobia.

How to fix stuck on 90% loading screen in Phasmophobia?

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The first thing to keep in mind is that although the developers are aware of this error and that they will probably bring a solution, you don't have to wait that long for the developers to bring their solution, because we already have several things you can do.

The first thing we recommend you do if you are wondering how to fix stuck on 90% loading screen problem is deleting the game's save files and allowing the game to create new files is a quick and proven solution to the problem.

To do this you will have to start by going to the installation location of the game and delete the file saveData.txt> to get to this file you will have to go to the following location: C: Users [username] AppDataLocalLowKinetic GamesPhasmophobia. Before deleting the file, we recommend copying and pasting it in another location in case you ever need it.

This should correct the stuck loading screen problem, if at any point the developers release the patch that fixes the problem, you can copy the previously deleted file back to its original location to restore progress.

 That's all you need to know about how to fix stuck on 90% loading screen in Phasmophobia, we hope our article has allowed you to quickly fix this issue and that developers are working on it.

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