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Knowing how to Set Up Mic is simply a necessary task that we can carry out in Phasmophobia and here we say what you should know.

What is the importance of setting the microphone to Phasmophobia?

  This is a game where we are immersed in a world of ghosts, which allows us to have the possibility of staying connected in some way, it is ideal to work in a game in cooperative mode, especially since it is necessary to Set Up Mic to be able to talk with ghosts, react and why not recognize some particular phrases.
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    How to Set Up Mic in Phasmophobia?

     One of the most necessary tasks when we start playing is to choose to configure the preferred mic of our device, because even when it seems a simple task it can become complex, since it is only necessary to choose to right-click on the located speaker icon in the taskbar, in the bottom corner on the right side, then open sound settings and go to Input, where we can choose the input device and select the mic to use for this game, as this allows us to talk and also to interact with the possibility of breaking a number of things.

     With the detail of knowing how to Set Up Mic, it is time to play and for this it is necessary to approach Slate and Audio Options, this having been configured for Windows 10, then it is possible to see a button below which it is possible to use to check that everything can be synchronized and in full functionality, click on it to test it since the game will tell us to say a phrase, then it will indicate that it has heard us, and in this way begin our conversation with ghosts.

     This is all you need to know about how to Set Up Mic, as this is an interesting and necessary task in Phasmophobia.

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