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2020-10-12 09:18:57

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Genshin Impact has arrived and with it some attractive tasks which leads us to know How to repair the broken bridge of Wangshu Inn, let's see.

What is needed to repair the Wanhshu Inn broken bridge in Genshin Impact?

  It is necessary to understand in the first instance that knowing how to repair the broken bridge of Wangshu Inn makes us have to carry out this work through two commissions that are usually assigned at random, only in this sense it is necessary to understand that there is no possibility of repairing the two stairs simultaneously, it is also necessary to understand that this bridge repair is simply a worldwide quest that can only be executed through the Adventurer's Guild Commission.

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How to repair Wangshu Inn broken bridge in Genshin Impact?

 There is the possibility of feeling somewhat frustrated in not being able to carry out the repair of both stairs simultaneously, which leads us to have to carry out this work in the course of a few days and in this way ensure that the mission can be completed , as this work leads us to have to go down and recover a total of 5 wooden planks for the innkeeper used to repair at least half of the steps that are broken, and these planks have been purchased by the innkeeper Huaiʻan in Wanghshu Inn.

 Our repair work on this half of the steps allows us to have a completed daily commission and proceed to wait a bit, as this allows a second line of questions to reappear in our record to complete the second commission and thus can The second half of the steps will be left repaired, which allows us to achieve:


  •  Some primo gems.
  • Earn the Level Up achievement.


 This is a task that allows us to ensure that the commissions can be updated every day in real time, in such a way that it is not possible to make use of microtransactions, a detail that the developer was commissioned to include in this game perhaps to give it a little more meaning to the game, which allows us even to have the possibility that in the future there may be some new updates which according to the same developer could include some routes, in any case this would be interesting, since it allows us to have the possibility of giving a favorable continuity to this game.

 Definitely knowing how to repair Wangshu Inn broken bridge is a time consuming task in Genshin Impact and this is simply doable for our fun, give it a try.

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