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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-07-21 17:48:24

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Guide to learn how to use toads in battle in Paper Mario The Origami King

As a good Mario game, this game usually preserves the classic character designs, although this causes certain controversies due to its lack of originality.

Toad is definitely one of Mario's most iconic characters, with Toads everywhere in this game.

We constantly save them from danger in the game and they are constantly returning the favor by also helping you in battle. However, this is not something you will be doing all the time as it comes at a cost, so this guide will explain what you must do to use toads to cheer in battle.

How to use toads in battle in Paper Mario The Origami King?

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During your game play you will notice a multitude of different toads watching the combat from the stands. While they don't go straight into the fight alongside Mario, these toads are still available to help out a bit.

Something that can help many people when you are in combat is the echo that you can ask for their help, just press Y and you will see how they appear, this will cause some points of damage with each use in battle. Like bonus damage when attacking and preventative damage at the start of battle, this doesn't do a lot of damage, but it helps a bit anyway.

However, getting a toad to help you in battle is not free, since Mario has to pay 10 coins each time. When you pay it, the coin that is on the outside of the arena, which is where the toad is located and will throw a project at an enemy.

With this said about How to use toads in battle in Paper Mario The Origami King you will be able to inflict special damage at a low price but that will help you to ensure victory in your battle.

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