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Paper Mario The Origami King allows us to carry out a host of interesting activities but today we will talk to you about Where to find Peach Castle

Why should we go to Peach Castle in Paper Mario The Origami King?

  Because it is an interesting place and everything points to the fact that some things are happening here that may be of interest to us or at least that's how Olivia considers it, also because it is necessary to find out what happens before we can finally go to Toad Town, this simply is a ghost town and it is precisely where we will have the possibility to face our first Goomba.
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Where to find Peach Castle in Paper Mario The Origami King?

The idea is to get a path that is not so complex but that is somewhat difficult to achieve, because when we choose to choose the path that leads to the building we get a shy guy who seems to be stuck at the entrance, our first job is to get him out , there we received a reward that ends up being the possibility of using the sewer to access the castle.

The sewer is in the house so we must enter it and take a look at it but we found another drawback, it is that we cannot lift it, but here we remember that the shy man told us that there is another shy red and this one has an ideal hook To raise the sewer, the advantage is that you do not necessarily have to move around a lot to locate the shy, it is only necessary to note that in the mouth of a Goomba there is a shy shout below on the left side, then it will only be ideal to move between the hedges to open the entrance door of the building with confetti.

Knowing how to get to Peach Castle is simply an interesting task, it is also vital to have confetti and this only requires getting some flowers you can be near the building at the entrance of the sewer although it is also possible to get them from the city, perhaps that is the easiest task we can do here. Now entering the building depends on our skill with the hammer and this is because it is necessary to cause three blows to free the shy but unfortunately our goal, the hook is not here so the fight with the Goomba to remove the sticker has not come out very productive but it's not time to falter at Peach at Paper Mario The Origami King

It is necessary to mobilize to the pier where we will see another Goomba and we will have to apply the same tactic as the previous ones, because this must be defeated since it is guarding a green pipe, then it is important to repair the red bricks and for this it is necessary to use confetti, then it is necessary inside the building to use the hammer to make the boxes tremble and finally from one of them a symbol of 1000 arms can fall, then we can tear off the brick wall and observe that the door is there, we battle with a Goomba and take the hook, we go back to the sewer once again jumping through the stairs and the green tube to get to the other side where we finally access through the sewer and finally we have achieved the objective of understanding how to get to Peach castle, it is simply all a journey that is well worth doing.

 In this sense, knowing Where to find Peach's castle allows us to fight with several Goomba and go a long distance to find an element as simple as a hook, since Paper Mario The Origami King definitely has a lot to offer.

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