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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-07-21 17:38:16

More about: Paper Mario The Origami King

Guide to learn how to find the origami swan in Paper Mario The Origami King

During the new game out of Nintendo, you will find that sometimes you have to solve little puzzles. One of the latter appears during the Picnic Road area while searching for the Shell Stones. Near the center of the main area, you will notice a small pond with an origami swan swimming in it. Since in the game they have to find certain things, the most likely thing you want to find this time is the origami swan. So we will teach ten how to do it.

Where to find the origami swan in Paper Mario The Origami King?

You can find this origami swan on Picnic Road, so you will see it swimming left to right continuously in this small pond, without getting close enough to the edges to do anything. Because of this you must figure out how to get there.
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Head to the right side of the pond and you will notice a block already used there. Move to step on the block, and suddenly, often another question mark block to your left. This gives you the signal to pull out your hammer and hit the new box and climb on it, which then leads to another box.

With this done, we must continue until a few blocks meet here where we can get to the swan's side. Wait for the swan to swim right next to the left block that you can climb and hit it with your hammer. It will end that one of the many toads will become the origami swan and is now free.

Now that you know where to find the origami swan in Paper Mario The Origami King, you can free the toad and complete one of the game's "missions".

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July 17, 2020
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