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2020-07-22 11:21:55

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Guide to learn how to face thwomps in overlooking the mountain in Paper Mario The Origami King

Whenever you think of Mario's enemies, you may have thought of one or the other that really were a headache for our favorite plumber, but the truth is that few are as dangerous as Thwomps. These enemies cannot normally be destroyed and they can dodge instead. Paper Mario: The Origami King requires you to destroy a group of them to advance in the Overlook Mountain area and this guide will tell you how you can accomplish this feat.

How to face thwomps in overlooking the mountain in Paper Mario The Origami King?

The Thwomps pose a great threat to our protagonist Mario, he is almost always threatened in this way when he tries to go to the mountain in a bus of the four Shell Stones. Eventually, we find you with a hill with wooden stakes around what you like to weave in and out of climbing.

These enemies will start to appear by attacking almost immediately. The Thwomps will generally rise up into the air again after crashing, but this group of them simply lies there on the ground blocking the path by which you must advance.
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Obviously, there is a way for you to overcome this obstacle and to destroy them all you must be in the form of the Invincible Star element that you may notice or is not available nearby. If you look to the left of the Thwomps at the top of the nearby tree, you will see a star at the top, which you must advance to here.

You must hit the tree with your hammer and the Star will fall and begin to bounce. Just run towards the star and Mario will become invincible for a short period of time.

Take this opportunity to run straight through each Thwromps on the hill to destroy them and move on to find the final Shell Stone.

Now that you know how to face the thwomps in overlooking the mountain in Paper Mario The Origami King, you will know how to react immediately once the avalanche of enemies comes. Luck!

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