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Today we bring you a Paper Mario The Origami King guide where we will explain how to get out of the castle.

What to know about the castle in Paper Mario The Origami King?

We did not find in the first chapter of the game and we will be surprised to see that Peach has betrayed Mario, if we want to know how to get out of the castle, we must bear in mind that we were locked up by her, but somehow it is possible to get out of this obstacle, in order to have details that will help us, we must follow the content to be explained in this guide from now on, without further ado, let's do it.
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How to get out of the castle in Paper Mario The Origami King?

We will be alone at some point, when this happens we will go to the right where we will meet a hammer, then the next step is to go in the opposite direction and we will notice a magic circle that is next to the door, with this we are going to get the 1000 arms folded by standing on this and pressing X, then we will go through a tutorial that will guide our steps, so we must do the indicated, we will be before a tear that is possible to knock down and by doing so we will be able to give freedom to Olivia, we will do it with the giant arms of Mario when we reach the tear, a series of combinations of the buttons that we must press will appear on the screen, we will now seek to expose a hole located in the back wall that Olivia will talk to us about, to get to this before you have to break the wooden box, we will do it with the hammer.

We have to go to release King Bowser in Paper Mario The Origami King, so once we are on the other side, we need to go to the right where we will see an opening, here we will have a visual of the events on the other side and in this way we continue moving forward in How to get out of the castle, Bowser was hanging on a rope, behind this we will get some wooden boxes that we must destroy with the hammer, managing to see with this a magic circle, which will serve us with Mario to reach out and find a tear in the wall, we will arrive at a door that was hidden and that would take us to the top of the castle when crossing it and going up the stairs.

Here we will enter the first battle in Paper Mario The Origami King of so many that we will find ourselves while progressing in the game, the mechanics consists of aligning as many enemies as possible to instantly hit them all, in this high part of the castle Peach comes out, To be effective in this battle, what we will do is seek to align the 4 Goombas, if we do it correctly, all that remains is to use the jump boots and kill them all, with the hammer we will have a more powerful attack and in the end we will have solved how leave the castle

 Finally, now that we know how to get out of the castle, we can continue on Paper Mario The Origami King.

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