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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-21 18:39:02

More about: Paper Mario Origami King

Our journey through Paper Mario Origami King allows us to perform many tasks, let's see How to solve House of Riddles Puzzle

What is the house of riddles in Paper Mario Origami King?

This is nothing more than a puzzle that we must know and solve, as it is one of the many puzzles that this game brings and that simply tends to give it a very interesting and novel twist, as this makes the game fit perfectly in the taste of all kinds of public.
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How to solve House of Riddles Puzzle in Paper Mario Origami King?

 The first thing that we must understand is that this house contains 3 rooms and on the front it is possible to read a sign that indicates if we want to solve this puzzle, since everything seems to be optional although it is necessary to do it and it is done as follows.


 We will fit at least 3 objects to the room that is located on the left side.

Then we move to the next room where it will be necessary to move exactly the same objects that we have entered in the previous room, because this can simply be seen as a mirror of the other room.

Then we will hear some noise and it will be the right time to observe a chest in the center of the room, we approach and observe that inside it there is Mac Up 5 Heart necessary for our future battles.

 Now that you know how to solve puzzles of the house of enigmas it is only a matter of taking the treasure and continuing because there is still a long way to go in Paper Mario Origami King

Nintendo Switch
Action-adventure, Role-playing
Intelligent Systems
Nintendo, Nintendo eShop
Release date:
July 17, 2020
age rating (PEGI):

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