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2020-07-29 11:23:23

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The action in Paper Mario The Origami King does not stop, so today we are going to explain where to find the island of diamonds.

What to know about the island diamonds in Paper Mario The Origami King?

To find the diamonds island it is necessary to carry out a few steps, although it should be noted that they are vitally important to have access, the worlds to explore in this game are wide and in some cases are not easy to find, now if we want to understand where to find the diamond island with more details we need to pay close attention to the content that comes from here on in this guide, let's see what fun awaits us in this search.
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Where to find the diamond island in Paper Mario The Origami King?

 It is necessary that in Paper Mario The Origami King we carry out an adequate exploration that allows clearing the fog, this being an obstacle to safe travel through the sea, for this it is necessary that we go to the G-5 square that is on our map of Bonehead Island, when we get here we will come across a statue of the winged toad, then we will see that a huge fan will take care of the clearing of all the fog and it is possible to go wherever we want from this point, even to the diamond island we can go, but without having the diamond key, so it is necessary that we find it, for this we must go to 2 islands, the half moon and the mushroom, being the first located in the coordinates F-3, here we must have our cane fish for the purpose of catching a Sidestepper for the activation of a magic circle and access a chest approaching us to see where to find the island of diamonds.

 Now with the mushroom handle that we got in the previous chest it is possible that on the mushroom island we can access the door of the house to find Luigi who is relaxed on vacation, when talking to him at some point he will give us the key to the diamond island , although we will not be able to leave here immediately, it is necessary that we look for the Origami craftsman, who is in the basement, here we must release him and for this we have to use our hammer to hit the left shelf, we make Luigi go up to reach the book and then we will use a magic circle to complete the rescue, we must bear in mind that the diamond island will always be in the same place, the clues of the statues of the toads will help us know where to find the island of diamonds, we will then arrive at the G-3 coordinates on our map, having the key as a vital step resolved we will go down using the D-pad, which allows us to obtain the 3 necessary orbs s to access the tower of the sea in Paper Mario The Origami King.

 This is the end of our guide on where to find the island of diamonds, which will allow us to get the most out of Paper Mario The Origami King, a game with wide possibilities.

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