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Angel Marquez
2021-04-12 04:27:56

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With our help you will see that knowing how to record a video is easier than you thought in Nintendo Switch.

What to know about Nintendo Switch?

In any of the versions that correspond to the original Switch such as the Lite, we have the video recorder function, with which it is possible to record 30 seconds of play and this is deactivated when we are not in one Now if we want to record videos with a longer duration, an external device is required to do so, only that this option can only work on the original Switch, to understand How to record a video we have a precise explanation in this guide, let's just pay attention then.

How to record a video in Nintendo Switch?

We are presented with the opportunity to access the capture in both versions of the Nintendo Switch, which turns out to be the square button that has a circular slit in the center, this presents a couple of functions to solve How to record a video, which consists of pressing it To capture the screen and keep it pressed we proceed to record, what we will do to do this is load the game on our console, when we are playing it is possible that something to our liking is presented to keep, so we keep the capture button pressed To start the recording, which we will notice by the icon that will be rotating on our screen and when this is completed we will have managed to solve How to record a video in Nintendo Switch no matter what version we have, considering that it can only be recorded for 30 seconds for now, maybe more go ahead this change.

There are some options that we can consider that the Nintendo Switch has, it is about editing and sharing the recordings that we have made, for this we have the option on our home screen of the console when choosing the album, then with the d-pad we make the choice of a video clip that we will open with the A button, noting that these can be differentiated in the lower right corner in a small size the 30s they have in these, when we are playing a specific video what we will do is press A to access other options aside once we solve How to record a video and we find the following options:
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  • Publication: it is possible that we can send the video through social networks, as long as we have an account in any of them.
  • Sent to Smartphone: when sending the video to the phone, it is possible to share it more easily or transfer it to any computer, for this it can be useful to use a QR code for the connection.
  • Trim: it is possible to reduce the duration of the video by taking out what we do not want to share, which is possible when using the d-pad to determine the beginning and end of the video and then saving it.
  • Delete: if you no longer want to keep the video, it is possible to delete it.

If we want to make recordings that last longer in our Nintendo Switch, the only possibility to do it so that they are more than 30 seconds is through external hardware, then it is necessary despite knowing how to record a video the use of an independent video capture or card that is connected to our computer, emphasizing once again that it will only be possible in the original version, then to do so we have to do the following:

  • Connect our Switch to the dock.
  • Connect to the dock the HDMI cable and to the output of the dock to the video recorder.
  • Then we connect the HDMI cable to our monitor or TV and at the opposite end we put the video recorder.
  • The device must be connected by the capturer to the computer or with any other supported storage medium.
  • We start our game
  • We activate the recording function of our capture device and regardless of whether the function is deactivated on the home screen we will be recording.
  • Our game is being captured by the device or even sent to our computer by recording or transmitting it.

Our console presents compatibility with HDCP as long as some applications are active, which allows the use of the video recorder with our console when going through the menus and while playing, now if we use those applications such as Netflix and Hulu, it requires HDCP For reasons related to copyright, starting an application that requires HDCP we will see that the screen of our screen recorder will go blank, we only have to use a device that avoids the use of HDCP for our recording device and the console.

In this way we come to the end of our Nintendo Switch guide, now that you know how to record a video, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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