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Valorant has come to entertain us enough and this makes it convenient to tell you How to play on Mac.

Is it possible to play Valorant on Mac?

Of course, yes, because there is no need to have to access any third-party software or see ourselves in the need to cancel the warranty, in this sense, knowing How to play on Mac leads us to consider accessing a desktop tool called " Boot Camp ” whose purpose is to run Windows on our Apple system in order to access to play on Mac, this installation process is fast enough, as it requires around a maximum of 20 minutes.

What are the requirements to play Valorant on Mac?

Before getting into the possibility of knowing How to play on Mac, it is necessary to talk to you about the necessary requirements and this implies:

  • Have the masOS updates from the "Boot Camp Assistant", as these are necessary to install Windows 10.
  • It is also necessary to have Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro on disk, ISO image or other installation medium, the 64-bit version being necessary.
  • Have at least 64 GB of startup storage on your Mac.

How to play Valorant on Mac?

This is a somewhat complex process, but one that is favorable and for this it is necessary to consider these steps to follow:

Check the Secure Boot configuration: This is the first action that we must take into account, as it is a fundamental requirement to choose to install Windows, once it has been installed there is the possibility of changing the Secure Boot configuration, and from their play Valorant.

Use the Boot Camp assistant:
this is a function that allows us to create a Windows partition, for this it is necessary:

  • Open the Boot Camp assistant This makes us have to go to the "Utilities" folder of our "Applications" folder, from there it is necessary to follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • We will be asked to insert a USB drive, in addition to plugging our USB flash drive into our Mac.
  • The Boot Camp wizard will be used to create a bootable USB drive for Windows installation.
  • The Boot Camp assistant will ask us to set the Windows partition size, so it is necessary to have considerable space on our hard drive, from there we must establish the partition size that can be adjusted to us, because this cannot be changed later, in this way we are allowed to open the way and with it know how to play on Mac.

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    Format of the Windows partition: Once the Boot Camp assistant finishes we will see that our Mac restarts with the Windows installer, because there we may be asked where to install Windows, for which it is necessary to select the "Bootcamp" partition, then we click on "Format", the installer will select and format the Bootcamp partition automatically.

    Install Windows:
    we continue working on telling you How to play on Mac and this leads us to indicate the Windows installation process for which it is necessary:

    • Disconnect an external device that is not usually necessary during the installation.
    • Then we proceed to click on "Next" and continue the instructions shown on the screen to start the installation process.

    Make use of the Boot Camp installer in Windows:
    With Windows properly installed we will see that our Mac will start with Windows, there it is possible to see how a "Welcome to the Boot Camp installer" window opens, there we will have a series of instructions in our screen that we must follow, after that we are asked to restart once the process has finished.

    Choose to switch between Windows and macOS.

    This is a simple enough action and for this it will only be enough with:

    • Restart and hold down the "Option" or rather "Alt" key during startup.

    Now to play Valorant on Mac you need:

    • Download Valorant and for this it is necessary to go to the official website of the game.
    • Then we must click on the button "Play now or play for free".
    • We will see that our browser will start to download the installation package.
    • You need to click on the downloaded file.
    • Proceed to choose the download location that we consider favorable, since here it is necessary to have a minimum of 8 GB of free space, this is necessary to install the game.
    • Then we must start an account at Riot Games in order to connect and in this way be able to start playing as soon as the download is complete.
    • Once the download has finished it is possible to see the icon on our desktop to start Valorant.

    Now, to create the Riot Games ID it is necessary:

    • Go to the official Riot Games page.
    • We click on "Create account" which allows us to redirect to the registration page.
    • We proceed to enter our email address.
    • Then we click the "Start" button, this in order to start the registration.
    • We must fill in the data, as these are simple, such as date of birth, username, password and proceed to complete the registration.

    In this sense, knowing How to play on Mac allows us to enjoy Valorant on other systems, since with this there is the possibility that many more players have access to the game.

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