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2022-05-17 08:04:21

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Find out how to fix “The Game Card Could Not Be Read” Error in this excellent and explanatory guide from Nintendo Switch.

What to know about “The Game Card Could Not Be Read” Error in Nintendo Switch?

It is a problem that occurs in our console when we want to play, which is related to dirt or damage to our card, there are certainly many causes to consider, among which is the software and firmware, looking to see How to solve the error Could not read the game card let's consider the support offered by the content of this guide below, let's see.

How to fix“The Game Card Could Not Be Read” Error in Nintendo Switch?

We have to consider a set of solutions as to How to fix Could not read game card error in Nintendo Switch and these are as follows:
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  • Update the firmware: this is the first thing to consider, that our console has the most recent version of the system, to see it we have to go to the system configuration, then in system we will choose the system update option, in case there is we have to install it.
  • Game updates: Regarding How to solve the error The game card could not be read, we have that apart from the console it is important that we look for updates to the game affected by this problem, if there are, we install it and then see what happens.
  • Delete the cache: what we will do in our Nintendo Switch is go to the system configuration, we choose the system option to open the formatting options, here we will choose to reset the cache, we will be told to make the choice of the user profile, we choose the one we want to delete and press reset.
  • Check the game card: it is possible that it is dirty or damaged, if it is dirty this can cause connection problems correctly, so if it is dirty it must be cleaned, it is also appropriate to try a different card to see if it's just a specific card or the problem is with the console.
  • Remove the headphones: we have that the location of the headphone port is very close to the card slot, they can cause interference with the reader, so having it connected we can try to remove them to see what happens with the error.
  • Contact Nintendo: if we do not get anywhere with the previous options, and we continue to have problems, it is more than certain that the reason is the console, so we would have to repair it, which has a process.

In conclusion, knowing How to fix “The Game Card Could Not Be Read” Error, it is interesting because we can try to return to normal in the Nintendo Switch.

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