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Today, we bring you everything you need to know about how to get Sola Toroid in Warframe.

What is Sola Toroid in Warframe?

It is a rare resource which you can cultivate in the Orb Vallis open word area of Venus, although several types can be found in different locations on the map.

How to get Sola Toroid in Warframe?

First, we recommend you build a good team, this will allow you to guarantee the largest number of enemies possible when cultivating the Toroids, which you can obtain by destroying the enemy.
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    Once you are in the Temple of Profit, for the first time you have to alert the enemies and let them install beacons to call for reinforcements.

    You must wait for the alert level to reach 4, to start killing them, do not destroy the alert beacons, to keep the number of enemies high.

    To increase the amount of toroids you get you will have to use a Smeeta Kavat.

    Another option is to use Warframes like Nekros with Desecrate, Khora with Pilfering Strangledome, Hydoid with Pilfering Swarm or Ivara's prowl, to get more drops and if you combine all this with a resource booster the amount you get will increase enormously.

    After reading this guide on how to get Sola Toroid in Warframe, we hope that you will be able to farm and duplicate as many as possible in the game.

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