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If you don't know how to level up in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher keep reading, because we've got you covered here.

  What is level in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher?

This is a unique entry in the Monster Rancher series. With this new game it is possible to acquire Ultra's monsters and kaiju to train and fight. Battles can be fought with a CPU or against other players to see who is the best monster farmer. You must wait for Ultraman to intervene. Luckily, there are other ways to level up through training, so keep an eye out for how to level up in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher.

How to level up in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher?

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Feed your Kaiju cookies

With the addition of random stats that benefit your monsters in battle. From maintaining one HP when a monster's health drops to zero, to increasing tech and poison damage. These baked goods will also give your monster additional stats.

Getting cookies from the heirloom cookie shop will be priced in gold, there are no funds or baked goods for your kaiju. Also, there is no guaranteed way to get the advantages you want for your kaiju. It's up to RNG, luck, and your gold reserves to determine if you get what you want. Although NFC compatible cards are used, cookies can be generated for free, but they are on cooldown and will again give you random perks.

When you get a new monster, you will have one slot for cookies, but the more years you train, the more slots they unlock, up to a maximum of four.

With the right cookie perks, monsters can catch opponents by surprise and change the way a battle is fought.

When you use a cookie, you will not be able to use it. So you will have to reset the slots using the Reset Powder.

Combine your Kaiju

Another addition is the ability to combine and merge monsters, which will improve the new monster's stats across the board for free.

The distribution of stats is not guaranteed and you may go against what you planned. Additionally, the new monster's rage will increase, making it more difficult to control in certain situations without proper training.

 That's how we end this guide on how to level up in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, so we hope we've been as helpful as possible to get you leveling up quickly.

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