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Faults usually appear to interrupt us in Nintendo Switch which makes it necessary to explain how to fix error 2123-1502.

What is error 2123-1502 in Nintendo Switch?

This is an error that we got recently and usually affects us when downloading a title from the Nintendo eShop, in such a way that it is necessary to know how to repair error 2123-1502 and thus have the opportunity to access to buy and download games without much difficulty, in this order of ideas stay and read this guide because it has the solution to this problem.

How to fix error 2123-1502 in Nintendo Switch?

  It should be noted that there are several actions that may well be applied and these are:
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    Start the download again: this is perhaps the first option that most players usually apply, in fact the one that has the possibilities of working, for which it is only necessary:


    •  Repeat the download attempt until it can work, and once this has been achieved we proceed to select OK, in order to close the failure.
    • Then it is necessary to select "Continue" to try the download again and if the respective failure is shown again, try to continue the download as many times as possible.
    • Seeing the message "Downloading data ..." should proceed to complete normally and voila.

    Restart the Nintendo Switch: this is usually another necessary action to execute and that may well be favorable to us, we only have to apply a cold restart restarted and this implies only pressing the power button for a period of 3 seconds.

    Clear the cache: it should be noted that the cache is usually one of the reasons why we mostly find problems and errors, in fact for this particular failure it is usually necessary:


    •  Select "System Settings" and this is usually done in the HOME menu.
    • Then we must scroll down in order to select the system.
    • We scroll down once more in order to select "Format Options".
    • We proceed to select "Reset cache".
    • Next we select the user for whom we want to clear cache data.
    • Then we select "Reset" in order to confirm.


    Now that you know how to fix error 2123-1502, it's time to fix the bug and continue enjoying Nintendo Switch.

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