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2021-03-15 11:08:17

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Our guide today on Nintendo Switch lets us talk to you about How to add money to Switch account, let's see.

What is the purpose of adding money to the Switch account in Nintendo Switch?

  Earning the so-called "Nintendo Points" is a favorable action but they are not usually enough for other actions, so it is necessary to add real money, this in order to buy a digital product, therefore we must add some funds to our account and this way you agree to buy favorable.
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How to add money to Switch account at Nintendo Switch?

Adding money is pretty easy and there are three ways to do it:


  •  On the official page of Nintendo Switch.
  • To do this we must go to the official page of the Switch profile.
  • Proceed to select "user configuration".
  • Then we look for the Nintendo eShop settings.
  • We choose to choose "add funds"
  • We are free to choose the payment method that we consider favorable, since it is possible to use a credit card, Paypal and a Nintendo eShop prepaid card.
  • We select the amount of money that we consider adding to our account.
  • We proceed to fill in the information according to the method of payment.
  • We select "confirm".
  • To finish we select "Add"


 Merge funds with another Nintendo Switch account.

  •  It is possible to merge funds from two different accounts, for this it is necessary to go to the official Switch profile page.
  • Proceed to select "user configuration".
  • Then we look for the Nintendo eShop settings.
  • We proceed to select the option "merge funds in your account".
  • We fill in with our password.
  • We proceed to confirm by selecting the option "merge funds" again and that's it.


This is all you have to do to know how to add money to your Switch account and thus access to buy some items at Nintendo Switch.

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