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Angel Marquez
2020-08-31 16:50:21

More about: Nexomon Extinction

Find out how to beat the Nivalis in this amazing and explanatory Nexomon Extinction guide.

What to know about the Nivalis in Nexomon Extinction?

Once we reach the end of the frozen caverns, south of Parum, we will see that we will find a giant white crab, with red eyes and that it will be for us the first battle against a boss in the game, Nivalis is somewhat complicated but not impossible to overcome, if we look for answers in relation to How to beat the Nivalis we will have to focus on the explanatory content of this guide, then let's do it carefully.

How to beat the Nivalis in Nexomon Extinction?

The electrical attacks will be those that manage to affect Nivalis most effectively, this is because it is a type of water, it is important to note that the electrical attacks are not achieved frequently in the beginning, now if to find some we have to go to the grass area that is located on the south side of Parum, here we are going to meet Scaratic and Chirrent in the wild, so catching them both will give us better chances of success against the boss, it is important that we take them to reach the level 12, especially to Scaratic, since it is possible to obtain a movement from this capable of causing 12 damage to Nivalis, considering a sacrifice in terms of resistance, the response of this is with Slash and the damage it causes is between 7 and 12, it is important that we have ethers and potions, at least 5 of each of these, achieving a guarantee towards victory.
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Before the fight we can have some support to level up with an XP core, so we will have to go to the synthesis center in Northwest Parum in order to perform the combination of the fragments for the cores, it is a characteristic that can us help a lot, increase some of the statistics, once we are victorious over the Nivalis it is possible to use the warstones to make trips in just a few seconds, reaching places of importance.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat the Nivalis has been useful for your progress and fun in Nexomon Extinction.

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