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Having clothes is simply interesting and important in Nexomon Extinction that is why we explain how to change outfit

What to say about Nexomon Extincion?

Undoubtedly this is a game that has come to occupy us for some time, because the mere possibility of allowing us to catch and tame monsters is more than enough, but it goes more than that, since we are immersed in a very complex scenery, where there is the possibility of embarking on a world of caves and telling a story about these characters that simply make us work a little, although it is true we could say that it has a certain resemblance to Pokemon, it is evident that it can become somewhat more complex, because here we have the possibility to choose some clothes, which will allow us to change our style, skin color and even gender a bit.
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    How to change outfits in Nexomon Extinction?

    The mere possibility of having the option of changing the outfit simply resulting in being a useful task, so much so, since here we have at least 25 models, which allows us to choose the one we consider most interesting for us, since the sole possibility of having absolute freedom makes it more attractive, we also have an advantage and that is that there is no need to have money to buy it in a store.

    Changing the outfit is simply an interesting activity, because here we get some clothes that include some layers of royalty, others seem like clothes more in the style of rockers which usually give it a particular touch, some have hats, in short, characteristics very attractive, but getting them is really easy, because it is only necessary to go to the pause menu and from there go to the profile option where we will see Change Avatar and voila, which is simply quite comfortable and already known.

    This is all you need to know about How to change outfit, because it is simply a cosmetic and interesting option that we find in Nexomon Extinction

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