Angel Marquez
2020-09-02 10:58:52

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The action in Nexomon Extinction does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to use all the cores.

What to know about the cores in Nexomon Extinction?

There are a total of 8 fragments to remember, being the fiery red, ocean blue, nature green, thunder yellow, stone brown, mind pink, light blue tempest and ghost purple, with these it is possible to create the nuclei, being these of great utility so that our creatures have outstanding advantages, it is important that we focus on each rock that we find, it is important that for the desired nuclei we have to go to the craft laboratory, now for this it is necessary that we know how to use all the nuclei and in the following content we will see the ingredients that we will need for each core, let's see.

How to use all the cores in Nexomon Extinction?

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The core of resistance:

  • thunder shards x2 and ghost shards x1 are needed as ingredients
  • thunder shards x4, ghost shards x2, ocean x1 and fire x2 needed
  • thunder shards x8, ghost shard x4, ocean x3 and fire x4 required

The core of greed:

  • ghost shards x2 and thunder shards x1 required
  • ghost shards x4, thunder x3 and ocean x2 required
  • ghost fragments x7, thunder x5, ocean x4 and nature x3 are needed

The core of experience:

  • it requires fragments of ocean x2 and mind x3
  • You need fragments of ocean x3, nature x4, mind x6 and stone x1
  • The ingredients in this one are Ocean Shard x6, Nature x8, Mind x10 and Stone x4

The core of immunity:

  • You need shards of thunder x2, ghost x1 and mind x1
  • Requires Thunder Shard x4, Ghost x2, Mind x2 and Tempest x1
  • Here you need fragments of thunder x6, ghost x4, mind x3 and tempest x4

The core of vitality:

  • You need a fragment of tempest x2, of nature x3 and of mind x1
  • in this one you need fragments of tempest x4, of ocean x2, of nature x7 and of mind x2
  • The ingredients are Tempest x6, Ocean x4, Nature x10 and Mind x3 Fragments

The core of protection:

  • for the first we need an ocean fragment x1 and a stone x3
  • in this you need ocean fragment x3, stone x5 and nature x1
  • for the latter you need an ocean fragment x6, a stone x10 and a nature x4

The core of destruction:

  • fire shards x3 and thunder x2 required
  • in this fragments of fire x6, of thunder x 3 and of stone x3
  • You need fragments of fire x10, of thunder x5 and of stone x3

Knowing how to use all the cores is interesting as it allows us to perform better as we progress through Nexomon Extinction.