Angel Marquez
2020-09-01 11:13:32

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Find out about How to cure in this excellent and explanatory guide to Nexomon Extinction.

Why cure in Nexomon Extinction?

We will go through countless battles with great regularity, which can cause us great damage and we must recover, which will lead us to the need to know how to heal, taking into account the multiple possibilities to do it, instantly finding ourselves in the world exploring it is possible to see the camps that have healers, by means of a green cross we will identify them, the healing of these is free, regardless of having to go back we must do it to sometimes recover our health, now more details will be presented in this guide, so it is necessary to continue reading the next paragraph, let's do it.
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How to cure in Nexomon Extinction?

In our passage through the cities and towns we will get many free healing centers for the whole group, on the door we will notice a red cross and at the top of the building we will notice a large green X, but it is also It is possible to restore health with which we use potions and elixirs when taking them, there are presentations of different sizes, the purchase of these we will do in stores or merchants, depending on the place the cost can vary, it is important that we always have access to these form of healing, since sometimes it is possible to be swept away by enemies and it is important not to go backwards, so having the resources is important to heal ourselves, with this last possibility we would be avoiding the fact of going back unless we want a cure for free.

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