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PS5: Ray Tracing support guide

2020-06-10 12:23:02

We invite you to learn the details about the PS5 Ray Tracing support guide

What do you have to know about the PS5?

  The questions regarding the compatibility of Ray Tracing are present, everything seems to be in the technical capabilities that this incredible console has, to have more details it is ideal that we know the specifications it has, so pay close attention and you will be able to understand the Ray Tracing Support Guide.

What are the technical specifications of the PS5?

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    • We have that the CPU has Zen 2-8 3.5 GHz cores (dynamic turn)
    • In the GPU we have 10.28 teraflops, 36 CUs 2.23 GHz, RDNA 2
    • With a 7nm technological process
    • Has a 16 GB GDDR6 Ram
    • Bandwidth memory is 448 GB / s
    • The internal disk has 825 GB SSD
    • With additional memory support for NVMe SSD cards that is based on console specifications
    • Has for external USB 3.2 hard drive storage support
    • The optical disc readings are 4K UHD Bluray Drive
    • Audio is 3D chip for Tempest

     As for Ray Tracing, it is the technology that it supports in terms of advanced components, where the RDNA 2 processor works properly with this system, which means that in the case of many games they will have to be compatible with the technology. dynamic lighting and thus makes the graphics more realistic.

     This is how we end our Ray Tracing support guide, hoping that you can get the most out of PS5, the most anticipated console of the moment.

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