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GTA Online: How to Get CEO’s Outfit

2020-06-10 12:41:18

If your desire is to understand How to get the CEO’s Outfit at GTA Online, they need to know that you are in the right place as everything will be covered about it.

 In GTA Online you have that patch 1.50 brought with it certain flaws, among which are some that are related to the style of the CEO for free, we bring an explanatory guide that will allow you to understand how to obtain the CEO suit, for this we should only Pay close attention to the content that will be presented in the next paragraphs.

What to know about the CEO’s Outfit at GTA Online?

 We have the possibility at any moment of the game to save the suits and use it whenever we want, it is something free and that we can enjoy if we do not choose to pay for the suits and blazers, the way we have to unlock the CEO suit occurs when we assign ourselves as the CEO of a company, after the failure brought about by patch 1.50 it is possible to save this style, more details come next, let's see what it is.

How to get the CEO’s Outfit at GTA Online?

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    Unlocking the CEO suit is possible by going to the Suburban store in Hawick, we will walk in the blue circle that is on the outside of the store and we will register here as the CEO, we will access the jobs at go to the interaction menu, going down to where it says hide options, jobs, all jobs, we have to set a custom value, this will allow the blue circle to appear outside the Suburban store, then we return to the interaction menu and we click on SecuroServ and register as CEO

     In Management we will choose the style, taking into account the new option we can choose the CEO suit that we are going to use, taking into account that there are 12 styles and these are Pionner, Boss, Director, President, Creator, Stockbroker, Fat Cat, Playboy Hedonist, General, Warlord, Drug Baron, finally we are before a failure in which we do not need to make any kind of cheating.

     We concluded that knowing how to get the CEO’s Outfit allows us to move forward and enjoy more of a game as lively as GTA Online.

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