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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-10 19:04:06

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Our work at Sea of Thieves is dedicated to many interesting battles, only this time we have decided to tell you where to find the megalodon

What is the megalodon in Sea of Thieves?

 This is nothing more than a beast that we find in the water, there are some players who probably hope to invoke it, only that this simply will not happen, since normally the encounter with this creature usually occurs in the middle of the ocean, and this we can mostly recognize thanks to the Music that this usually plays, has the shape of a shark and is large, to the point that it is larger than the ships, so shooting them down will be a stunt where the entire crew will be included as it is the only way to do it, so that we do not worry much about what it is but about where to find the megalodon.

Where to find megalodon in Sea of Thieves?

 The appearance of this beast could cause us some impression but this should not evict us, it is necessary to find it even when it is necessary to use as many companions as possible due to how large it is. Each encounter with these creatures can become a totally different experience, due to the behavior of each of these beasts, because not all are passive but not all are aggressive, as their behavior is different for each of them in Sea of Thieves

Therefore there are 5 different variations of this beast and they are:
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The Crested Queen.

  •  This creature has a fairly dark purple upper part.
  • Purple eyes
  • The white bottom, particularly it is quite difficult to get it but with some effort it is possible.

 The Hunger Beast.

  •  This one has a blue upper part.
  • The eyes are green.
  • The lower part is white, and it is the most common creature that we usually get.

 The Wrapped Ghost.

  •  Her body is white and sickly.
  • Her eyes are pink.
  • It has pink fins, and is a fairly rare creature.

 The Ancient Terror.

  •  Its skin is quite dark gray.
  • Her eyes are yellow.
  • Its fins are yellow.
  • It has scales and is a somewhat rare version.

 The Shadowmaw.

  •  It is black.
  • He has red eyes.
  • It has a red fin.
  • And it is a very different creature from the previous ones.

 Knowing where to find the megalodon simply allows us to have enough momentum, especially counting on the particularity of the number of crew, as some choose to take small boats although it is a somewhat large boat idea, this to feel stronger to achieve it, in addition to have the opportunity to receive as a reward at least:

  • 12 pieces of treasure.
  • 4 pieces of megalodon meat.
  • And the boost to your our Emissary of the Commercial Company.

 Now that you know where to find the megalodon and you know its variations, it's time to do it on your own at Sea of Thieves, it's worth the effort.

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