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There are already several reports from users asking how to fix the Battle Pass unlocking error in Valorant and that we will solve here.

What is the Valorant Battle Pass error.

Unfortunately, there have been many users who, after purchasing the Battle Pass in-game, reported that there were items that are still locked in the Battle Pass after purchasing it.

How to fix Battle Pass Unlock error in Valorant.

The first thing you have to know is that the developer is already aware of the problem that occurs with the blocked elements of the pass, and that they were working on solving it.

However, for now we can only recommend you log out, exit the game and log in again, as it could be a network or synchronization problem in the account.
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In case logging in hasn't solved your problem, the developers recently released an update which you can download after launching the game.

The developers have recommended avoiding any purchase unless the error is resolved.

If you have latency problems due to downed servers, we recommend you make sure you have updated the graphic drivers, reduce the graphic configuration to medium or low and check if your internet connection is stable while the developers solve it.

  We hope that with our guide on how to fix the Battle Pass unlocking error in Valorant you have been able to correct this problem with blocked Pass items and be able to access them as you should be able to.

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