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Welcome to our Ooblets guide where we talk about How to make Blueprints.

What to know before making Blueprints in Ooblets?

The creation station is vital for the creation of anything in the game, that is why it is necessary that the proper location and sea, on the farm there is a factory that allows us to make some simple recipes, there are some of the objects that must be delivered in the form of plans this is because in our inventory access to this is not possible and cannot be activated, then it is necessary that you solve How to make Blueprints and other options that crafts bring in these cases, now let's move on to the explanatory content that will be presented below.

How to make plans in Ooblets?

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    Among the planes that we are going to be able to release we have the sprayer, that is possible through a manufacturer, it is a machine with which we must interact to access all those objects that it is possible to make in planes, through the beginning it is It is about something very limited, but what we have is to go to the center of the city, with the purpose of finding Manawee, it is about a furniture store and that within this we will get the manufacturer, when turning left we will notice a machine stirring and in turn we have a door that allows us to interact with the machine, which leads us to the available list of plans that we can create, once we progress in the game, we get to have in our country house our own manufacturer so sometimes we should only use them in other places like this time.

    In conclusion, knowing how to make Blueprints is excellent because we can advance further in this incredible and fun game like Ooblets.

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