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Genshin Impact has managed to keep us busy in this interesting adventure which leads us to tell you how to obtain meteorite remains

Why collect meteorite Remains in Genshin Impact?

Update 1.1 has managed to add more activities than this game already had and that makes it necessary to continue this adventure, in such a way that knowing how to obtain meteorite remains simply usually serves as a necessary task to be able to work in the first phase of the Event of Unreconciled Stars, where we can see that there are some new characters, which makes us have to locate and save pieces of meteorite.

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    How to get meteorite Remains in Genshin Impact?

    The meteorite remains can be seen fallen in various parts of Teyvat and these may be available from the first day of the start of the event, on the other hand, as the days progress there are other places where it is possible to find more remains which makes us understand which is a task that can take us to visit several places, only that this does not usually happen out of nowhere and we find ourselves in the task of having to perform some missions and complete them.

    Knowing how to obtain meteorite remains leads us to work a little and as we carry out the missions we can get them, since these remains are phase two of the event, which we have simply felt that we have made some progress in Genshin Impact, on the other hand it is necessary to occupy ourselves of locating these remains in order to interact with them, which opens two possibilities of being active, on the one hand is the timer and on the other hand, some number of enemies with which it is necessary to fight, because the idea is to defeat them in the frame in the least amount of time, also this gives us the way to get other characters and these are Diona and Tartaglia,


    •  During this Unreconciled Star event it is necessary to consider two special activities.
    • Collect the meteorite fragments.
    • Collect the meteorite debris.


     We have until November 30 to receive help from the magician Hidro Mona in the Genshin Impact event, which still offers us some time, so it will be necessary to use the map, the magician allows us to have the possibility of tracking the remains which embarks us on an interesting search task, in such a way that it is necessary to understand on the one hand that these remains usually discharge a type of Elemental Energy that can be countered with an elemental attack, it is also vital to stay within range where the meteorite remains can be found, so that this search process can become a little less complicated and with it have the possibility of taking the Power of the Unknown Star.

    As we move we get more pieces, because knowing how to obtain meteorite remains simply embarks us on an interesting and necessary task that can lead us to get some rewards, since we are doing a job that deserves to receive some type of prize, in such a way that it will be necessary to have original resin which allows us to achieve:

    •  The Power of the Fading Stars.
    • An adventure package.
    • An XP company bundle.
    • We defeated the domain.


    This is all you need to do and know about how to obtain meteorite remains, because it is simply a necessary task that we came across in this Genshin Impact event and it is not possible to miss it.

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