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Fortnite Wilde Skin pack : How to get and unlock it

2019-05-23 15:07:58

The dataminers have made new revelations as to some things brought by the new update 9.10 for Fortnite Season 9. Apparently among the files that make up game was found a Fortnite Wilde skin package, start, long before its launch. If you want to know what this outfit looks like, what the package brings and more, here at xboxplay.games below we will leave you some details about the new Wilde skin and its package.

The New WILDE PACK and FREE REWARDS in Fortnite

Fortnite Wilde Skin: Realease

As already mentioned, the Fortnite Wilde skin was discovered thanks to research done by dataminers, long before its official launch took place. The information was filtered after activating the update at 9.10 in Fortnite Season 9, on May 22.

Although there is unfortunately no certainty as to when it will be the date for the launch, it's considered that it'll not be long before the availability for the Fortnite Wilde skin package is revealed.

How to unlock Fortnite Wilde Skin

To get the Wilde skin in Fortnite season 9, it won't be necessary to complete tasks in a way that must be unlocked, as it'll arrive directly at the store in the game as soon as it is officially patched.

On the other hand, the starter pack contains controversial Wilde attire along with a new back bling cosmetic called Palette Pack and a few V-Bucks to take advantage of in the store.

Skin Fortnite Wilde, Palette Pack and V-Bucks

In a filtered image it's shown that the Wilde skin is based on a female outfit. In this sense, the suit is composed of a white jacket with black lines and a black T-shirt on top; while in the lower part wears a short trousers that combines violet and light blue, together with a pastel pink cover and socks with long pink and white boots.

As for the Palette Pack cosmetics, it's a purple backpack with light blue in which a knife is integrated in the upper part and a white logo with black in the lower part. All this comes in the start package accompanied also by a few V-Bucks.
The price isn't yet known, but usually these kits usually have a cost equal to or around $ 4.99 (approximately £ 3.99). They also contain about 600 V-Bucks.

For now this is all the information that we bring to you in xboxplay.games regarding the Pack with the Skin Fortnite Wilde to integrate in Fortnite Season 9, however we'll be attentive to be updating this news since it's probably done ads or flitrations in a few days.

Don't forget to leave comments telling your experiences in the game, you can also leave the questions you've or any detail you want to mention to help or inform the other players in the community.

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