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Fortnite: Jump A Motorboat Through Different Flaming Rings

2019-11-01 14:07:09

We have left for you a guide of Fortnite where you will learn to jump a motorboat through different rings of flame

How to jump a motorboat through different flame rings in Fortnite?

Jumping a boat through the rings is part of the challenge that is presented to us this week in Chapter 2 of Fortnite, there we have the possibility to jump the same ring a maximum of three times, this is reflected when we find the word "Different", which indicates that we have already met as many times in that ring, and the most interesting thing is that there are too many rings of fire, distributed along the map, so let's see how to jump those rings, using The spirit of double risk.

The challenge of this week can be completed using the motorboats because, if we connect them to the rocket launchers we can cause enough damage to our opponents, it means performing two operations simultaneously this week, on the map above you can see the rings , we just have to find the perfect Angle and then we use the boots function whose purpose is to send them to fly and that in this way they manage to cross the rings, keep in mind that you can choose any motorboat, here a special one is not indicated , they are reflected on the map.

When we get off at the Streamy Stacks boat along the Frenzy Farm River, it is an excellent and very simple way to achieve this goal, when we reach Storm King Lake the river descends a little down towards Lazy Lake, that's where we can pick up another two rings, this only takes us a few minutes, but this will be the last thing we do to complete this challenge.

To close, this challenge of jumping a motorboat through different rings of flame in Fortnite is interesting because it allows us to show off our physical abilities.

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