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Fortnite John Wick: Challenges, Skin set and cosmetics, rewards and house in Paradise Palms

2019-05-16 17:43:29

Since John Wick 3: Parabellum is about to be released only hours in Europe and the United States, Fortnite has launched its special Fortnite John Wick crossover event in its new update. This event will include several challenges in a new Limited Time Mode, various cosmetics, among many other things. Here at xboxplay.games we'll give you all the details below.

John Wick Fortnite Crossover: Launch, start and end

Shortly before announcing the official date for the John Wick Fortnite Crossover special event, several dataminers leaked content revealing information of what would be included. Also, the event in question is already available from May 16 taking advantage of the premiere of the new film John Wick: Parabellum.

The John Wick Fortnite Crossover event culminates next Tuesday, May 20.

Limited Time Mode at John Wick Fortnite Crossover

The John Wick Fortnite special event includes a Limited Time Mode, Wick's Bounty. In this mode the players proceed to divide into squads composed of four, each. Basically each squad assumes the role as a bounty hunter. Subsequently they are given the objective of eliminating the other hunting squads while collecting "Golden Tokens".

In the Limited Time Mode Wick's Bounty, each player has three lives in total. This means that you do not have to worry much if they end up with you quickly, the first time. However, you do have to worry about not being eliminated three times, because when this happens, you are out of the game.

The goal in Limited Time Mode Wick's Bounty is to get the Golden Tokens they ask for. The first bounty hunter team that meets all the Golden Tokens, wins the game.

The NEW Fortnite JOHN WICK CHALLENGES! (Fortnite Wicks Bounty Rewards)

Another thing to keep in mind is that while the game is being played on Wick's Bounty, the leaders in Golden Tokens will be marked on the map. This means that the members of the squad must work as a team to take care of each other's backs.

In short, in the Limited Time ModeWick's Bounty they must work as a team to take care of their backs, get the Golden Tokens they ask for, and not die three times. If you meet these three things, you can have a good chance of winning.

Challenges in LTM John Wick Fortnite Crossover

As is customary in the special events that occur in Fortnite, the LTMs include several challenges to overcome and with them you also recommend them. The John Wick Fortnite Crossover is no exception to the rule, this means that the new LTM, Wick's Bounty, includes various challenges, six in total, where with each one you can earn rewards. Then we leave you the challenges, and below, the next section, the list of rewards.

1. Win a game on Wick's Bounty

You must only win one game in the LTM Wick's Bounty to overcome one of the six challenges. In the previous section, Limited Time Mode in John Wick Fortnite Crossover, we already detailed what this mode consists of and some recommendations for you to be victorious. So arm your squad with your best friends at Fortnite and go for the victory.

2. Play Matches on Wick's Bounty

This challenge is a bit easier since it is not necessary to win the games, you just have to participate in them. Play 7 different matches on Wick's Bounty and that will be enough to overcome the challenge.

3. Collect 120 Golden Tokens in Wick's Bounty

Specifically, you must get 120 Gold Coins in Wick's Bounty mode. For this challenge it isn't necessary to get the 120 coins in a single game in the Wick's Bounty, it's a task in which you accumulate the amount for each game of reward you are playing in Wick's Bounty.

4. Collect 20 Golden Tokens in a game on Wick's Bounty

For this challenge you must make sure you get 20 Gold Coins in a single game of Wick's Bounty mode. Guarantee this and you will overcome the challenge. Be clear that this challenge isn't cumulative, as the 3, we listed above. In this you must get the 20 Gold Coins in a single game. After achieving this, you'll overcome another challenge.

5. Inflict damage with the Combat Shotgun

The LTM John Wick Fortnite Crossover also includes challenges with weapons. To overcome this you need to do 500 in damage with the Combat Shotgun. Although many aren't entirely sure if this is cumulative, although if you can get 500 in damage in the same game, that's fine.

6. Dead damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle

The sixth challenge we list is also to do damage with a specific weapon. To overcome this challenge, you will have to do 500 damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle, as with the Combat Shotgun.

Rewards for challenges in LTM John Wick Fortnite Crossover

As we already mentioned, there are a series of recommendations that you can achieve by overcoming the challenges of the special event in LTM John Wick Fortnite Crossover. At this point, it's good to mention that you have until next May 20 (what are a few days), you should take advantage of these rewards as fast as you can.

1. Reward for completing "Win a game on Wick's Bounty"

For completing the challenge "Win a game on Wick's Bounty", you'll get the "One Shot" glider. In short, the One Shot is a black umbrella, however it belongs to John Wick's skin. After getting it, you will be able to see it equipped.

2. Reward for completing "Play 7 Matches on Wick's Bounty"

The recommendation for completing the challenge "Play 7 Matches in Wick's Bounty", you'll get the Boogeyman. It's a jet black coat, which goes with John Wick's suit.

3. Reward for the remaining 4 challenges

Each of the remaining challenges will give you 500 XP as a reward. That means that by completing those 4 challenges you'll get 2000 XP.

4. Recommend to complete 5/6 challenges in Wick's Bounty

If you manage to complete 5 of the 6 challenges that have been prepared for the John Wick Fortnite Crossover special event, you will win a unique element. The reward for this is a beautiful back bling that looks like the Gold Coin that comes out in the John Wick movies.

Skin set and cosmetics in John Wick Fortnite Crossover

During the leaks that revealed information regarding the things that were going to be included in the special John Wick Fortnite Crossover event, it was known that he would bring his own skin set and that it was also called "Assassin set". However, now it's known that there are more things available.

To begin with, the John Wick skin is the aspect that is given to you in the cinema, by dressing it you will be able to look like the character John Wick in his black suit and gray tie. In addition, it also includes its own Back Bling, called "Assassin Pack". This skin will cost 2,000 V-Bucks. Although somewhat expensive John Wick skin, many consider it worthwhile to be a "legendary skin".

The John Wick Fortnite Crossover special event also brings other cosmetics that you can buy at the store. Among these things are:

- Simple Sledge melee weapon, for 500 V-Bucks.
- The Assassin wrap, for 300 V-Bucks.
- Two emotes for 200 V-Bucks, each one. These are the "Be Seeing You" and "Bulletproof".

John Wick's house in Paradise Palms for the John Wick Fortnite Crossover event

Prior to the John Wick Fortnite Crossover special event, clues were already being given. It's very likely that you have seen one, if you have paid attention to the map. If you've headed to Paradise Palms, you've probably seen a new building that has probably aroused curiosity.

That new construction with luxurious appearance turns out to be the house that John Wick has, in the movies. You can get it east of Paradise Palms. Many consider that they have replicated it exactly as in the movies.

And these are all the details that for now we can give you here in xboxplay.games. Now go enjoy the special John Wick Fortnite Crossover event and do not forget to play the LTM Wick's Bounty to overcome all your challenges and get all the rewards, remember to do it before the event ends on Tuesday, May 20th.

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